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About Hotel Meli

Hotel Meli is the right choice for visitors looking for a combination of charm, peace, tranquility and a convenient location to explore the surrounding area.


Meli Hotels Safe Holidays
in Sardinia in the Borgo of Castelsardo

Hotel Meli is a comfortable seafront hotel in the Borgo of Castelsardo.

Our staff offers an attentive and high quality service and is always ready to offer any help to our guests.
On the first floor there is the beautiful terrace, where you can relax and immerse yourself in the morning of a new wonderful day in the atmosphere of the medieval borgo.


Superior rooms facing the sea

For those who aim to live in Castelsardo every hour of the day and the night, the Superior room is the place to come back to, leaving outside the noises of thoughts and the city one . Sober but elegant, the room is designed to promote maximum comfort in a classic environment, caressed by the light that filters through the curtains and pervaded by a timeless charm.

A cup of tea or coffee, your favorite book on the table and the sea view with its scents of iodine: this is an essential part you need to relax and experience the delicious emotions of your holiday.



A rich heritage in the heart of meli

History of the Hotel Meli

The idea was born thank to the intuition of Giancarlo, that started working in the hotel industry  since he was a joung boy and saw the potentiality of this hotel located at the entrance of the town that had made the history of tourism in Castelsardo.

Build in the ’60, the building has the typical Mediterranean architecture in white lime, elegant, with wide round arches, a letitmotif that is repeated both inside, with the division of the spaces, and outside in the rhythmic alternation of blue shutters.

Giancarlo’s passion is passed on to his sons, Giorgio and Melissa and his son-in-law Roberto, who accept the challenge and with courage and a deep sense of responsibility decide to develop in an innovative way a profession that has always been felt as a family legacy.

A restyle is decided according to the most modern dictates of bio-architecture and in respect of nature, in affinity with the ecological spirit that animates young entrepreneurs. The sense of traditional “Sardinian” hospitality is combined with the felt need to meet the needs of a diversified public, sometimes particular and refined, and in this we want to convey the vision of a hospitality that allows guests to transgress when they can, to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

The mission and corporate vision pursued is constant improvement, which allows us to develop a management method capable of increasing the growth and satisfaction of the hospitality profession.

by the way…he is Street…our four-legged mascotte 😉