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Castelsardo art

Arte e mistero a castelsardo

Over the centuries Sardinia has seen peoples and cultures coming from all over the Mediterranean, and each of them has brought cultural and artistic riches. In this melting pot is part of the journey of artists and craftsmen whose sign has passed the centuries reaching us

Mystery in Castelsardo’s art Hunting for works of art

the works of the Master of Castelsardo, anonymous painter of Hispano-Flemish culture
in the cathedral we find the Madonna enthroned with Child
in the Diocesan Museum St. Michael, the Trinity and the Apostles
Lu Cristu Nieddu, a sculpture of the fourteenth century is admirable in S.M. delle Grazie
period furnishings we find in the Episcope
ancient baskets are on display at the Museo dell’Intreccio

A masterpiece by the Maestro di Castelsardo –

New Sardinia A masterpiece by the Maestro di Castelsardo – New Sardinia found

Culture doesn’t go on vacation!
Knowing a place means living it in all that it has to offer, in addition to natural beauty, landscape and urban beauty there is the landscape of culture, the hidden one, what must be sought and discovered so as not to be forgotten anymore.

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