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Breakfast in front of the sea

Breakfast at Meli Hotel “served buffet” is inspired by the local tradition with  continental elements

Breakfast in Relax until 10:00 am with homemade products

The sweet awakening of the Classic

 sweet and savoury, cakes and cold cuts, fresh fruit and cheese, milk, yogurt, Italian and American coffee, cappuccinos, tea, croissants and much more.

muffin cioccolato fondente e bianco con arachidi salati Meli hotel breakfast

Italian sweets

One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.
(Luciano Pavarotti)

Dark and white chocolate muffins with salted peanuts

muffin mignon con due cioccolati e noci_Meli hotel breakfast

It’s always been called “food of the gods.”

Chocolate, rather than nectar or ambrosia, is the true food of the gods.
(Joseph Bachot)

Muffin mignon with two chocolates and nuts

soffice pan di spagna mele e fragole caramellate_Meli hotel breakfast

Who can resist a slice of an apple pie?

Happiness is not told. It’s like an apple pie that you eat every last crumb left on the table before licking the golden jam that covers your fingers.
(Franz-Olivier Giesbert)

Soft sponge cake with caramelized apples and strawberries.

Variegato con glassa al cioccolato bianco_Melihotel_Castelsardo

A life without chocolate is a life without the essentials.

Blessed chocolate, who after running the world, through the smiles of women, finds death in the tasty, dark kiss of their mouths.
(Anthelme Brillat-Savarin)

Variegated with white chocolate icing


Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday08:00 am – 10:00
Monday – Sunday19:00 pm – 22:30

Call the receptionist and we will choose the best table for you.

You can have a romantic dinner on the seafront or a lunch on the boat..

Prenotare la vostra Vacanza Sicura è diventato molto facile.

Prenota ora
Al resto ci pensiamo noi!

🤩 Spiaggia, Lounge Bar, Solarium, Panorama Incantevole del Castello, Escursioni Guidate con in nostri Partner.
Sono solo alcuni dei nostri plus. Le comodità sono pensate per farti vivere le tue vacanze nel modo più sicuro e spensierato possibile.