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Borgo of castelsardo


Awarded “One of the most beautiful borgo in Italy” Castelsardo with its castle, the only one impregnated in European history, was founded in the second half of the 12th century by the Genoese Doria family.

Let’s venture into the streets of the beautiful town…

And then…

From Piazza Bastione we can admire the Tourist Port of castelsardo

From Piazza Bastione we can admire the Tourist Port, the sea and the coast.
Castrum Januae, as it was baptized, was a symbol of the Doria’s mercantile power.
always strenuously defended by its stubborn inhabitants, it was never conquered…
in 1448, passed to the Aragonese, became a royal city and took the name of Castel Aragonese.
the streets, called carubius and carrugiu, follow the ancient medieval layout

For a walk among carrugi, catapults and ramparts!
With friends, loved ones or even alone, while you share with a selfie your wander through history, between battles, ladies, knights and galleons, with famous people who wrote the adventures of the blue Mediterranean.

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