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Religious buildings of Castelsardo

At the beginning of 1500 Castelsardo became a royal city, and among the privileges acquired was that of becoming the bishopric of Ampurias. To this day the Cathedral, the churches and the high bell tower built in local stone give it a suggestive and original appearance.

The devotion to the historical centre
We visit the religious buildings of Castelsardo

The church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, with side entrance
The Co-Cathedral of St. Anthony Abbot from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the gulf

The Diocesan Museum and the 16th century works of the famous Master of Castelsardo in the Cathedral crypts
The Episcope and, the countless views of the old town are ideal destinations for a selfie!
The Bell Tower of St. Augustine, by many mistaken for a lighthouse

For all those to whom the sea is not enough
You always come back to Castelsardo for different reasons, because it is suggestive, unique, it has an ancient history, because everywhere you see the sea or smell its scent, but above all because the castellans become the neighbours, they become always desired friends.

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