Doria castle and museum

Castelsardo stands on a promontory in the center of the Gulf of Asinara, and is known worldwide for the characteristic profile of its perfectly preserved medieval castle, traditionally founded by the Genoese Doria family and the reason for the original name of the Borgo: “Castel Genovese”

Visit the Castle in safety

The Doria Castle offers many attractions:

One of the few medieval castles still intact
your every curiosity will be satisfied by the guides
from the terrace you can enjoy the view of the entire Gulf of Asinara
is home to events such as Castelsardo DiVino or the Summer School of Philosophy
houses the Museum of Mediterranean Interweave and the Museum of Genoese Origins

Castelsrdo perfect place for a quiet and safe holiday

As a couple or as a family, all those who will accompany you will be enchanted, admiring the imposing walls and climbing on the terrace of the Castle or pretending to get lost in the characteristic alleys where you may happen to see the castellanesi sitting on straw chairs weave baskets.

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Borgo of castelsardo

Awarded “One of the most beautiful borgo in Italy” Castelsardo with its castle, the only one impregnated in European history, was founded in the second half of the 12th century by the Genoese Doria family.

Let’s venture into the streets of the beautiful town…

And then…

From Piazza Bastione we can admire the Tourist Port of castelsardo

From Piazza Bastione we can admire the Tourist Port, the sea and the coast.
Castrum Januae, as it was baptized, was a symbol of the Doria’s mercantile power.
always strenuously defended by its stubborn inhabitants, it was never conquered…
in 1448, passed to the Aragonese, became a royal city and took the name of Castel Aragonese.
the streets, called carubius and carrugiu, follow the ancient medieval layout

For a walk among carrugi, catapults and ramparts!
With friends, loved ones or even alone, while you share with a selfie your wander through history, between battles, ladies, knights and galleons, with famous people who wrote the adventures of the blue Mediterranean.

Do you have any questions? We will be ready to answer your thousand curiosities

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Castelsardo art

Over the centuries Sardinia has seen peoples and cultures coming from all over the Mediterranean, and each of them has brought cultural and artistic riches. In this melting pot is part of the journey of artists and craftsmen whose sign has passed the centuries reaching us

Mystery in Castelsardo’s art Hunting for works of art

the works of the Master of Castelsardo, anonymous painter of Hispano-Flemish culture
in the cathedral we find the Madonna enthroned with Child
in the Diocesan Museum St. Michael, the Trinity and the Apostles
Lu Cristu Nieddu, a sculpture of the fourteenth century is admirable in S.M. delle Grazie
period furnishings we find in the Episcope
ancient baskets are on display at the Museo dell’Intreccio

A masterpiece by the Maestro di Castelsardo –

New Sardinia A masterpiece by the Maestro di Castelsardo – New Sardinia found

Culture doesn’t go on vacation!
Knowing a place means living it in all that it has to offer, in addition to natural beauty, landscape and urban beauty there is the landscape of culture, the hidden one, what must be sought and discovered so as not to be forgotten anymore.

We will be happy to provide you with all the information for an exceptional visit!

Food & Wine In Castelsardo

Sardinian cuisine is striking for its strong flavors and its recipes unchanged over time, the colors and scents of the Mediterranean are found in typical dishes along with the fresh and pungent Mediterranean Sea, always accompanied by wines of ancient crops.

An experience to be tasted that excites the eyesight
Let’s get carried away with these new sensations:

an exquisite cuisine based on seafood specialties such as lobster alla castellanese
the oil from centuries-old olive groves that have sprung up among the Tombs of the Giants.
unique wines such as Vermentino, Bovale, Cannonau di Sardegna
handmade local sweets to taste while meditating

For those who want to live a safe and more authentic Sardinia!

Ours is an invitation “with open arms”, even if with the safety distance. Arriving for the first time you will know our typical hospitality, that of when you go to meet a relative you see for the first time and who takes care of you with affection!

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Religious buildings of Castelsardo

At the beginning of 1500 Castelsardo became a royal city, and among the privileges acquired was that of becoming the bishopric of Ampurias. To this day the Cathedral, the churches and the high bell tower built in local stone give it a suggestive and original appearance.

The devotion to the historical centre
We visit the religious buildings of Castelsardo

The church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, with side entrance
The Co-Cathedral of St. Anthony Abbot from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the gulf

The Diocesan Museum and the 16th century works of the famous Master of Castelsardo in the Cathedral crypts
The Episcope and, the countless views of the old town are ideal destinations for a selfie!
The Bell Tower of St. Augustine, by many mistaken for a lighthouse

For all those to whom the sea is not enough
You always come back to Castelsardo for different reasons, because it is suggestive, unique, it has an ancient history, because everywhere you see the sea or smell its scent, but above all because the castellans become the neighbours, they become always desired friends.

At Meli Hotel everyone feels at home

Events and parties in Castelsardo

Castelsardo is unique also for its traditions, very ancient and suggestive rituals wind through the countryside and the streets of the centre, where at dusk the prayers of the brotherhoods dressed in white rise in songs lit only by candles.

Celebrations that we will remember forever

We live together the most heartfelt events of the Borgo di Castelsardo :

Our tiny recommendation

The rites of medieval origin of Holy Week which take place on the Monday after Palm Sunday
Easter Monday in Music with internationally renowned artists
the Romantic Night in the most beautiful borgo of Italy that takes place in June
the appointment with the dances and music of the colourful Summer Carnival at the end of July
Ferragosto in Castelsardo, a whole month of events, exhibitions and concerts
New Year’s Eve in the Square with concert and fireworks from the Castle

For those looking for healthy fun on holiday too!
Castelsardo is full of charm and history, but can give its guests many activities, experiences and entertainment, especially in summer when the beautiful and cool evenings make you want to go out for a walk and mingle with the citizens in celebration!

We therefore have flexible hours, for the needs of our guests

The beaches of Castelsardo in Sardinia

The Sardinian beaches are characterized by fine white sand and crystal clear sea, and Castelsardo is no exception: with three small beaches in the city, it has a coast overlooking the sea, but beyond the cliffs there are several sandy coves.

Sun and beaches in Sardinia for your holidays

Get a towel, sunscreen and beach umbrella!
We can choose between different beaches:

the beach of Lu bagnu with golden sand, pebbles and a sea of green reflections.
the little beach of Castelsardo under the Frigiano Tower
the beach la Marina di Castelsardo, right in front of the Meli Hotel
the beach La Vignaccia, surrounded by harsh and solitary nature
and other smaller beaches nearby

Let’s spend a day at the beach, under the sun…
A seaside holiday is ideal for regaining energy, relieving stress and regaining a good mood. There are many activities and experiences that you can do in the water in complete safety with our partners.

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Traditions a Castelsardo souvenirs

There are many traditions in Sardinia that see the processing, in the most original ways, of the raw materials that the island, so rich, provides its inhabitants. In the case of Castelsardo, the castellans have managed to extract from coral and vegetable fibres real works of art.

Ancient traditions are handed down
Not just simple castelsardo souvenirs


In the old town centre skillful hands give life to the baskets
the art of weaving is exalted in every shape and colour
a thriving artistic craftsmanship that has elevated the basketry to a dominant museum theme
a goldsmith’s shop focused on coral processing

handicraft sardinia baskets woven in castelsardo

The ideal place for a holiday with tradition
The route between the shopping streets and those of the old town will give you wonderful views and you will have the opportunity to admire the craftsmen at work and to buy a souvenir to show off as furniture or as a jewel.

A gift from Castelsardo to take back home

Castelsardo and around

The surrounding area is as fascinating as the town of Castelsardo, the monuments attest to the human presence since ancient times and even the ancient Romans have appreciated its rich landscape and its large spaces, the hills dotted with vineyards and cultures!
castelsardo and around

A walk between Nuraghi and vineyards
Around Castelsardo you can admire:

The Elephant Rock, a boulder sculpted by the creativity of the wind…
The domus de janas located inside the Elephant Rock
The Nuraghe Paddaggiu, with walls and side towers
The Romanesque church of Our Lady of Tergu in pink trachyte
The domus de janas of Sedini containing the Museum of Traditions

Isolated places for a peaceful holiday
Together with your family or your sweetheart you can easily find in these places the serenity and carefreeness that comes from walking in the open air, away from the noise of traffic and crowds, in the middle of nature.

We will be delighted to satisfy your every curiosity.

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