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Castelsardo and around


The surrounding area is as fascinating as the town of Castelsardo, the monuments attest to the human presence since ancient times and even the ancient Romans have appreciated its rich landscape and its large spaces, the hills dotted with vineyards and cultures!
castelsardo and around

A walk between Nuraghi and vineyards
Around Castelsardo you can admire:

The Elephant Rock, a boulder sculpted by the creativity of the wind…
The domus de janas located inside the Elephant Rock
The Nuraghe Paddaggiu, with walls and side towers
The Romanesque church of Our Lady of Tergu in pink trachyte
The domus de janas of Sedini containing the Museum of Traditions

Isolated places for a peaceful holiday
Together with your family or your sweetheart you can easily find in these places the serenity and carefreeness that comes from walking in the open air, away from the noise of traffic and crowds, in the middle of nature.

We will be delighted to satisfy your every curiosity.

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